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April 16, 2016

I started tracking calories yesterday (the easy way- by formulating my meals in advance and just inserting a variety of pre-formed meals).

I’m going to see how accurate Fitbit is.  Also will be able to determine whether I classify as “sedentary” or “lightly active.”  This will all be based on how much weight I gain or lose which tells me whether the Fitbit estimate (which showed I burned more than my intake) was accurate or inaccurate.
I am not doing any exercise except the walking I need to do to/from my car and during work and it says I’m using somewhere around 3,100 calories per day.
My intuition tells me that’s high, but we’ll find out.

Live strong says 2000 calories per day to lose 1 lb per week.  But if Fitbit is right on expenditure then I’ll lose 2 pounds per week.

Today I felt a little hungry right after breakfast.  But it subsided relatively quickly.  I felt somewhat empty in the stomach but not terribly hungry all day.  This is probably to be attributed to the lack of carbohydrate.
Also interesting is whether exercise is necessary/helpful.
On the day I exercised (ran) I had to eat carbs.  On past days of running without eating carbs I’ve felt almost insatiable hunger.
Phinney showed a study where they replaced 5g (5g!) of sodium in professional bike riders. I’ve never come close to that with sodium intake.  Maybe that was the problem?

Let’s see what happens.

What I’ve Learned So Far

April 16, 2016

What I’ve learned from calorie-restricting my low-carb diet so far (and eliminating nuts):

How I will change my snacks after I return to goal weight:

I am going to focus more on protein (even though that won’t be my full snack) because I am allowed, according to Phinney and Volek to go up to 2 grams per kg body weight in protein.  They also say .7 to .9g per pound “reference body weight.”

So if I reach 190 pounds, I’ll be 86 kg.  This puts my upper limit for protein at 172g/day.  (I just noticed they do say “reference body weight,” so assuming my reference or “ideal weight” is 160-175, that’s more like 157g protein per day.). Therefore if I add in two eggs, one at mid morning and one during my afternoon snack I won’t be over my
protein limit.  Further, protein satiates.  Then I can also add fat as needed, such as olive oil or cheese.

But I think I’m going to take the nuts out.  Ever since adding them I haven’t seen much difference in weight loss.

Thought Experiments

April 14, 2016

So I’ve found that each time I run, my body gets into a hypoglycemic state.  There isn’t anything else that causes such a severe reaction.

I eat a certain amount of carbs (1/2 the total calories burned in grams) and the lousy feelings largely go away.

So what is causing this feeling?  It seems that it would be my body increasing insulin or some other action of the muscles trying to gobble up the sugar in my bloodstream so that my muscles can replenish their energy.

Is my body creating more insulin or is my body doing something else to get the glycogen from my bloodstream?

2nd question – is this severe hypoglycemic feeling being caused by the fact that my muscles are largely insulin resistant and the body is putting out a huge surge of insulin to counteract this to clear out as much sugar as possible into the muscles/fat, and this combined with the overall lack of carb energy in my system is causing the lightheadedness?

If I lost weight or increased insulin sensitivity, would this go away?

Would I lose weight faster from an increase in exercise/small (but measured) uptick in carbs or without exercise and without any increase in carbs?


April 10, 2016

Update on diet: haven’t lost any weight.  Weight is hovering around 213-215.  My average weight has gone up.

As I said earlier, I have decided to cut all dairy.

Will report back on further weight changes.

Working on a video game.  Stay tuned.

Update 4/7/16

April 7, 2016

So far I’ve tried no exercise.  I feel better, but my weight has gone up a few pounds.

I am now cutting out dairy.  Let’s see what happens to the weight.  Nuts are still allowed, however.  I’m going to try nuts and olive oil as my primary fat sources