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June 30, 2016

I’d like to propose a study.  I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, in spite of being a persistent exerciser and always on some kind of diet.  My family has struggled in this manner too.

I’d like to test a hypothesis that a company like Fitbit would never test (in spite of being able to test easily), because if the results disprove the hypothesis, it would seriously hurt their business.

Here is the hypothesis:

“The number of steps you take per day is correlated with your weight/BMI”

If you’re interested in participating, simply comment with your own weight and height and the number of steps you average per day with your activity tracker.

Next Experiment

June 7, 2016

I’d say no on the fasting.  At the very least, I don’t believe Jason Fung if he says carbs don’t matter as much.  It seems for me, every gram of carb counts.

Next direction: exercise, with minimal carbs.  I also am going to start tracking my own data.

Cutting coffee helps the voice and throat to heal.

My current meal plan is to have maybe half an english muffin in the morning with Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.  Then I’ll do my workout and if I’m feeling hypoglycemic or “bonking,” add a half a banana back in.  That seemed to do the trick quickly today.

I want to see if I can wean myself further off the carbs but imagine doing so is going to take time.

If you see the pics below, my weight was lowest when I was closest to ketosis.  But when not exercising, my weight kind of stalled out.

There is some very interesting information on Jimmy Moore’s Blog about his ketosis experiment.  I wonder if I was consuming too much protein?



June 5, 2016

So far the weight has not gone down.  In fact, it’s gone up, the clothes are tighter.  Could this be in response to the small amount of weight loss experienced a few weeks ago?  The body always adapts?

Going to just exercise now, keep carbs low, but not zero, and not count calories.  It seems like the body always fights back, so I have to stop trying to control it, except exercise.  I guess at least I’ll feel better.  Maybe I’ll always be fat?