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August 24, 2017

I’ve basically boiled my singing issues down to reflux.  (The majority of them)  Technique was playing a role but reflux is playing a HUGE role.   I was able to resolve all of my issues by following Jaime Koufman’s “Dropping Acid” diet.  For the past six months though I had no coffee, no voice lessons, and ate pretty much whatever I wanted (chocolate almost every day) and still had no reflux issues.

Then recently I drank a cup of coffee with cream at Dunkin Donuts two weeks ago and it set me into a tailspin of reflux.  At this point the reflux is starting to calm down but I switched to a low-carb, high fat diet and have had some LPR return with the reflux.

One of the culprits I think is the heavy cream.  There seems to be a lot out there on heavy cream with the carageenan/gum additives that make things worse.

I’ve eliminated heavy cream and seltzer for now until I can find alternatives without additives.  We’ll see what happens.

If none of this works I’m going back on the Dropping Acid diet.