Blog post: Sample genealogy

Find an example of a song containing a direct audio sample of another song.  Post links to both songs and explain how the sample was used.

The song I’d like to first mention is “Good Life” by Kanye West feat. T-Pain.

The song sampled in “Good Life” is “P. Y. T.” by Michael Jackson.

In “Good Life,” P. Y. T. forms the basis for the groove.  Kanye slows the sample of the song down and loops it over and over again.  He takes the loop from the audio starting at around 3:15 in the file and seems to loop 2 bars of this segment over and over again.  I think this groove is brilliant.

Does it form the basis of the beat? Is it a background texture? Does it run throughout the song or just appear once?

It helps form the basis of the groove and serves as a background texture but is not the entire groove.  A new drum part is forms the beat.  A new synth bass part is played over the track with the same chords as the P. Y. T. sample during the verses and during hook different chords are played.   Additional synth keyboard and synth strings are added playing the chords.  In the verse at the end of every 4 bars Kanye holds out a 4-beat Ab/Bb chord.  The chord progression changes from verse to chorus.  In the verse we have a quickly syncopated Ebm-Fm-Gb  repeated for the first 3 cycles followed by this same figure and an Ab/Bb chord in the 4th cycle.  In the chorus of the song Ebm – Fm – Bbm7 repeated 4 times at a slower rate than the first 3 chords of the verse.

The P. Y. T. sample is present throughout the song.

3. Find an example of a song containing a quotation or interpolation of another song, and post links to both of them.

According to in “White Ferrari,” Frank Ocean samples “Here, There, and Everywhere” and also seems to sing the melody as well.  The sample appears at 1:26 and 1:44 (and throughout) “White Ferrari,” and is taken from 0:12 of “Here, There, and Everywhere.”


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