Email to My Professor

I’m finally getting to your article on happiness and I read the story
about the administrator.  After listening to that, I feel like I have
enough evidence to state that there are a huge number of these people
in power who feel they have to (and are able to) make these “big,
bold” (and ultimately unsubstantiated) statements that profoundly
affect their teachers.

Where does that come from?  Is that an American cultural thing?

I feel this at in my district as well.  Why do so many people in these
power positions feel that:

(a) They even have enough intellect to say something that is that
important/groundbreaking (ever)


(b)  That it is even possible to say something that groundbreaking
every single day


(c) They have enough intellect to see some change in things that
“common folk” (read: teachers) couldn’t have figured out already.

It’s like everybody in middle management is a visionary, and as
(Webster?) would say, nobody is a visionary.

This is the big problem I have with the idiocy that runs rampant in
education.  And I’m not hearing of this kind of thing in other

Most of the people in these power positions listen to their own hot
air enough times that they convince themselves that they are saying
something meaningful when they aren’t.

Is this our culture?  What is it?  I think Russell said that the
biggest problem with the world is the the smallest minded individuals
are so sure of themselves whilst the most intelligent ones never are.


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